The AFT 100 Tractor Mounted Trencher is designed to fit onto the three-point linkage of tractors of 60-120 hp.

This is a very versatile trencher for agricultural and sports turf drainage as well as for pipe and cable laying.

The AFT 100 has been constructed in modular form with a wide range of options to suit a great variety of jobs and different tractors.

Trench width are easily adaptable from 5 to 12 inches with standard single booms, and to 22″ for the twin boom versions. Maximum depth to 64″

  • High Speed Trenching, up to ten times faster than conventional backhoes.
  • Cuts the narrowest trench size necessary for the job. Reduces reinstatement and backfill material costs.
  • Mounted on a standard multi-purpose agricultural tractor, it is only a fraction of the cost of equivalent self propelled trenching machines.
  • Twin soil augers place the soil neatly close to both sides of the trench for easy backfilling.
  • The optional soil clear up system completely removes all soil and elevates it to trailers running alongside. The conveyor swings back within the width of the tractor for the road transport.
  • Choice of 3 inch pitch heavy duty digging chain for normal conditions or 4.08 inch pitch fully carbide tipped alligator chain for very hard conditions.
  • Optional built-in Hydraulic creep speed drive for tractors without creep speed gear boxes. Speed range of up to 984 feet per hour.
  • Continuously hydraulic depth control is either manual or can be linked to a laser for grading.
  • A range of pipe chutes and pipe reel carriers is available.
  • Crumber with parallel self correcting linkage to maintain accurate trench bottom cleaning.
  • Trench sizes of up to 12 inches wide and up to 5.25 feet deep.