Wizz Wheel 75

The AFT Wizz Wheel 75 is a powerful slit trencher designed to fit onto the three-point linkage of tractors.

With ever increasing demands made on today’s sport surfaces comes the need to improve sports turf drainage to ever higher standards.

The AFT WIZZ WHEEL offers the ultimate solution for wet ground conditions, providing a fast, reliable, clean and cost effective method of installing intensive drainage systems.

  • High speed trenching – up to 6560 feet per hour – means reduced labor costs.
  • Tractor mounted for ease of maneuverability and lower unit costs when compared to a self propelled machine.
  • Direct drive from PTO-shaft offers maximum torque, reliability and minimum ware and maintenance.
  • Pocket mounted reversible digging blades fixed in by roll pins for ease of re-placement.
  • Two different systems of tungsten carbide digging teeth in hard and stoney conditions.
  • A large removable side panel allows for fast access for easy cleaning.
  • The soil clear-up system completely removes all soil even in wet and sticky conditions and elevates it into a vehicle running alongside.
  • Continuously variable hydraulic depth control can be linked to a laser for grading.
  • Adjustable staggered twin discs pre-cut the turf and contribute to minimum ground disturbance.
  • Option for pipe laying chute.