The AFT MH100 Excavator Mounted Trencheris a powerful Trencher Attachment to be mounted on excavators.

This versatile trencher can be used in many situations which were previously impossible or impractical.

Conventional chain and digging blades for normal soils or Beam chain with carbide bullet teeth for hard soils or road trenching.

Trench widths are easily adaptable from 5 to 12 inches and up to 3.936 feet depths

  • High speed trenching – up to ten times faster than conventional diggers or backhoes.
  • Cuts the narrowest trench size necessary for the jobs. Reduces the need for reinstatement and back-fill material as well as labor costs
  • Mounted with a turntable on the excavators dipper arm it can operate in many areas where conventional trenchers or backhoes are impractical.
  • Twin soil augers place the finely cut soil neatly close to both sides of the trench for easy backfilling.
  • Choice of booms and digging chains for maximum trench depths of 64 inches and widths of a maximum of 12 inches.
  • Continuously variable hydraulic depth control, either manual of linked to a laser for grading.
  • Available with choice of single or dual hydraulic motors to suit any excavator.
  • The required minimum excavator weight is 8 tons, with a safe lift of 2200 lbs. The excavator should be fitted with a creep speed gear box or have a hydrostatic infinitely variable transmission allowing for road speeds of 164-1312 feet per hour. Hydraulic requirements of 26 gals per min at 160-250 Bar.