THE AFT SANDBANDER quickly installs 25mm wide drainage slits, filling them at the same time with consolidated sand up to depth of 250mm.

The unique blade design and fast oscillation create minimal heave and permit even moist sand to be used.

The ideal tool to quickly drain excess surface water to free drainage systems. Using sand rather than gravel ensures that essential moisture levels are retained in the root zones and that no harmful spills can damage mowers or players.

Designed for tractors from 20HP, it can safely work on sensitive areas like golf and bowling greens.

Overall length: 1.95m
Overall width: 1.00m
Overall height: 1.40m
Weight unladen: 350kg
Capacity: 1.0m3

Tractor requirements: from 20hHP, hydrostatic transmission or creep speed drive. Oil flow from 20l./min at 150 Bar

Front balancing weights may be required on smaller tractors Spool valves: 2 double acting (when only one is available, a special valve can be supplied with sandbander) If required, the Sandbander can also be used with gravel or similar backfilling materials The machine is designed for use in moist or very moist soils.